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Our clothes

Off Side exclusive casual sports wear.

We are a sports-related brand which makes exclusive quality casual clothing for both men and women. Natural-sustainable substances such as organic cotton, bamboo or recycled polyester are often used. Key words are sporty, recognizable, trendy, sustainable and exclusive.

Our clothes

For our clothes we use two different types of cotton. High quality 100% cotton or Premium quality combed organic cotton. What is the difference accept only the price?


Organic cotton clothing – Clothing with a low carbon footprint

Our clothing witch are 100% organic with a reduction of 90% CO2 emissions. The CO emissions are calculated in accordance with the BSI PAS2050 method and certified by the Carbon Trust.

The reduction of 90% has been achieved through a combination of organic cotton cultivation, improved efficiency in the production process and transport, and the use of green solar and wind energy instead of fossil fuels. Calculations show that our organic cotton T-shirt saves about 7 kilos of CO2 and a hooded sweater even saves about 228 kilos of CO2. These are real savings achieved in the production process and therefore not by CO2 compensation.



Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)

Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is an international standard for organic clothing and textiles. GOTS is based on 100% biological raw material. Clothing and textiles with this quality mark must contain at least 70% organic fibers. The percentage is stated in the label. Throughout the chain – from the harvesting of raw materials, through socially responsible production to labeling, packaging and distribution – the strict standard for organic textiles is met. This global standard provides, among other things, the use of environmentally friendly chemicals and water purification at the factories. The GOTS certification also requires compliance with social criteria in the cultivation of cotton and the processing into dust. This concerns matters such as minimum wage, a ban on child labor and a safe and hygienic working environment.

The following social criteria are part of the GOTS standard:

• Employeeship is on a voluntary basis
• No forced labor
• Freedom of trade union and right to collective bargaining
• Safe and hygienic working conditions
• No child labor
• Payment of a living wage
• No discrimination against employees
• No excessive working hours
• Work is provided on a regular basis
• Hard or inhumane treatment of employees is prohibited

Why choose organic cotton?

Cotton is the most valuable non-food agricultural product but is also called world’s dirtiest crop. Vomiting, paralysis, incontinence, coma and even death are some of the many side-effects that farmers and children suffer from in developing countries that are regularly exposed to pesticides that are mostly banned in Western countries.

Steve Trent, Director of the Environmental Justice Foundation says: “More than 99% of cotton farmers live in developing countries. Pesticides are applied to people who often can not read and write and where safety is not a topic. As a result, both people and the environment are at great risk. The dangers that children and farmers are exposed to with the aim of keeping our clothes cheap are unacceptable “.